After the run Google Inc (GOOG) has had in 2013 investors are preparing for what could be another good year for the tech giant. GOOG managed to cross the $1,000 mark in 2013 and is now trading near all-time highs.  After rallying over 53% in the past 12 months investors may be concerned that GOOG will not be able to sustain this trend in 2014. GOOG, however, has a lot of opportunities for growth in 2014 that if taken advantage of could send the stock to new highs.

Still the dominant web search engine Google has begun investing in new technologies that could help grow the company over the next year.  Opportunities for Google to continue to grow in mobile and cloud applications will be the main drivers of growth for 2014. New additions to the Android ecosystem like Chromecast will also present an opportunity for additional revenue.  As Google continue to increase its foothold across the tech space there will be more opportunities for incremental revenue.

We believe that GOOG will perform well in the New Year and should hold up even if they fail to capitalize on new opportunities. Investors will likely remain in the stock as long as GOOG is able to show some moderate revenue growth.  2014 may also see GOOG return excess cash to shareholders, another factor that may stir investor interest in GOOG. In any event we believe that a long in GOOG will be profitable over the year and that pullbacks in GOOG will generally be good buying opportunities.

Andrew Keene


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