TradeThirsty is a “by traders for traders” gig. With the many years of combined trading experience between all of us, we have been around the block a couple of times when it comes to this industry. We know there are some people who are marketeers and simply not real traders…

So our promise to you is that we will take a “No BS” approach to who we bring to you. When you see a guy or gal contributing to our site, you can trust that they really do trade and we have a personal relationship with them. A relationship we are passing on to you.

some nice things we've heard.

Tasty Trade speakers were great today and the Saturday timing works best for me to be able to attend their educational sessions. The Tasty Trade platform is also the best, I love the 24/7 access to the crypto/bitcoin markets and the options screens that include so much valuable information to help me make the trades I prefer.
John S.

I just wanted to come by and say thank you for the wonderful webinar. It was filled with a wide variety of presenters and topics and gave us a lot of awesome information. I caught an awesome deal on a package purchase from Mr. Hoffman who I adore. But all of them were really great presenters and the intro graphic was very classy as well. You can bet that I will be looking forward to the next one.
Rebecca C.

This was excellent. Each speaker was very impressive. All 6 of them offered something new, informative, and insight into trading.

Thanks to each of them. Can’t afford to try all 6, but definitely will sign up with a couple.

Allen C.

My testimonial could be for Hubert or Serge. Both had great offers, I already use Hubert’s Bond program and purchased his market report, and badly wanted to take advantage of Serge’s offer but am not in a position to (dang it to heck anyway!) However, I have Hubert’s market report and lifelong bond trading program to look forward to right now!

But I’m giving YOU the testimonial for making this program enjoyable, upbeat, and personable. I’ve listened to many of these types of programs and you bring a down-to-earth focus on the whole day with honest commentary on the presenters. It is heartfelt and appreciated!


Kathleen R.

I thoroughly enjoy your trading seminars like Toast to Traders. You guys always have an incredible group of speakers sharing their amazing insights for newbies/students like me (for all levels of traders/investors). Looking forward to the next one!
Lori K.



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