Using Fibonacci Symmetry To Layout Your Trading Battleplan

Are you under the assumption that if a trading plan is not an A+B=C, formulaic approach then it’s useless? Join me in this 6-minute video as we explore a subjective approach to the markets used by some of the greatest living traders. We’ll show you that interpreting data and making the best possible decision is your primary goal in trading. And if a plan goes wrong, and many times it does, how to lay out a contingency plan to protect your capital.

Using the tools of the wave principle and Fibonacci we analyze the NASDAQ 100. Specifically we look at symmetry at work in the markets and how to act right now.

Todd Gordon


  1. s david n young

    cud u pls elaborate w/examples, on the devvelopment of the fib clusters

    • Todd Gordon

      So are you asking how Fib clusters actually form? Or are you asking what markets are current showing Fib clusters? More information and I will be sure to address it in the next video.

  2. Jerome

    Love the education. Just a little too much talking before educating…. But I still loved it… Thanks Todd

    • Todd Gordon

      Ha- well it’s not usually that way. I just had to make a point in that video. Check out my video blog page and you’ll see I’m usually much more to the point.


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