Trader puts on Bullish Bet in CZR into Earnings

Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns, operates, or manages casino entertainment facilities. Its casino entertainment facilities include land-based casinos, riverboat or dockside casinos, and managed casinos, as well as casinos combined with a thoroughbred racetrack and a harness racetrack. Today we saw a trader bought 1,403 CZR 5.2.2014 18 Calls for $1.05 debit per a lot. This is bullish trade where a trader thinks the stock can move higher and maybe it is due to the catalyst event next week. Lets breakdown the trade:

The Trade: Trader bought 1,403 CZR 5.3.2014 18 Calls for $1.05
Their Risk: $147,315 Cash Outlay
Their Reward: Unlimited
Their Breakeven: $19.05

I am long these Calls for $1.10

Andrew Keene

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