Trader Nets over $250,000 Profits Overnight in FURX

Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates as a drug development company that is involved in compound development and collaboration activities primarily in the United States. Every single day I watch Unusual Options Activity and talk to my subscribers about the trades at I watch over 1,500 trades daily and yesterday I saw a trade that was so unusual that I thought it was worth mentioning. A trader bought 2,000 FURX June 105 Calls for $3.90. Lets breakdown their trade:

Institutional Order: Trader bought 2,000 FURX June 105 Calls for $3.90
Cash Outlay: $780,000
Potential Profit: Unlimited

Overnight the Stock gapped higher and these Calls have moved in value from $3.90 to $5.30, so lets breakdown their profits:

2,000 * 1.4 * 100= $280,000 Profits

Andrew Keene

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