Trader Nets Over 150% Profits Overnight in FTI on Earnings

FMC Technologies, Inc. provides technology solutions for the energy industry worldwide. Its Subsea Technologies segment offers subsea systems for the offshore production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as installation and workover tools, service technicians for installation assistance, and field support for commissioning, intervention, and maintenance of its subsea systems. FTI reported Earnings yesterday after the bell and I as I watch institutional order flow all day long, I saw a trader buy 1200 of the FTI May 57.5 Calls for $.80. Most traders might say that a 1200 lot is not a “Big” order, but the trade has to be compared to the usual volume of options that stock trades in a day, so this was over 25 times “Usual Volume.” Lets break down their P&L:

The Trade: Trader bought 1200 FTI May 57.5 Calls for $.80
Their Cash Outlay: $96,000
Cash Profit if Sold at Today’s Pricing: $180,000

Full Disclosure:
I bought 15 FTI May 57.5 Calls for $.80
I sold them today for $1.90 for a $1650 Profit

Andrew Keene

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