Trader Nets $450,000 Profits in DAL Overnight

Delta Air Lines, Inc. provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo worldwide. Its route network comprises various gateway airports in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis. Yesterday we saw a trader bought 9,156 DAL June 34 Calls for $1.26, so I knew it was the time to get LONG DAL. Today when Delta rallied more than a $1.20, the trader sold ALL of their Calls for $1.75 and netting that trader almost $500,000 Profits within 24 hours. Lets breakdown how they did this and how I made over $5,800 Profits in DAL

9,000 * $1.75-$1.26 *100= $435,000 Profits

I bought 150 DAL June 34 Calls at $1.26, I sold 37 at $1.45, 37 at $1.65, 37 at $1.85 and the balance of 39 at $1.73 netting over $5,800 Overnight

I have no position now in DAL

Andrew Keene

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