Delta Air Lines, Inc. provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo worldwide. Its route network comprises various gateway airports in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis. Yesterday we saw a trader bought 9,156 DAL June 34 Calls for $1.26, so I knew it was the time to get LONG DAL. Today when Delta rallied more than a $1.20, the trader sold ALL of their Calls for $1.75 and netting that trader almost $500,000 Profits within 24 hours. Lets breakdown how they did this and how I made over $5,800 Profits in DAL

9,000 * $1.75-$1.26 *100= $435,000 Profits

I bought 150 DAL June 34 Calls at $1.26, I sold 37 at $1.45, 37 at $1.65, 37 at $1.85 and the balance of 39 at $1.73 netting over $5,800 Overnight

I have no position now in DAL

Andrew Keene


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