Trade thinks Bottom is in for MCD

>> 15000 MCD Nov14 95.0 Calls $1.81 ASKSIDE ISE 11:14:31IV=11.9% +0.1 MIAX 259 x $1.76 – $1.81 x 52 BATS OPENING Vol=15k, Delta=44%, Impact=663k/$62.7m, Vega=$283k MCD=94.63, OI=464

Trader bought 15,000 MCD Nov 95 Calls for $1.81

15,000 Calls controls 1,500,000 Shares of Stock

O: Volume vs Open Interest
15,000 vs. OI: 464

Have I traded this stock before and made money on it?

-Chasing Trades: In General: 5-10% Rule
I never chase more than 5-10% of the initial price the trader pays

They bought Calls for $1.81: I would pay up to $.10 more than they did: 5%
Option is under $1.00, 10% Rule
Option is Above $1.00, 5% Rule
Entries are always Great, but where are Good Exits:

-In General: DayTrades, Swing Trades, and Hybrid Trades

MCD today I bought November Calls: 2.5 Months Away
The Further Out, the More Exits I can have
The Closer to Expiration, the less Targets I will have

MCD Bet is $2.7 Million

Andrew Keene

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