Large Options Volume in United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) Shows Traders Expect Bullish Moves

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a major player in shipping and delivering packages. UPS is trading at $102.58 around the middle of its 52 week range of $94.05-$114.40. Year to date the stock has underperformed the market, dropping by $8.53 or 7.67%. The stock is higher today by about 0.75%. This move happened after an unusually large number of bullish options hit the tape.

Almost 20 minutes after the opening bell a trader bought 4.460 of the UPS May 29th Weekly 103 Calls for $0.55 when the stock was trading at $101.83. This order was one of the first ones recorded on OptionHacker and the stock rose almost $1.00 after the trade hit the tape. Over 11,000 contracts on that line have been traded today. The stock has rallied to $102.78 and these calls moved higher with it. These calls have traded as high as $1.06 today making this a highly profitable trade.

Trade: A trader bought 4,460 of the UPS May 29th Weekly 103 Calls for $0.55

Risk: $55 per 1 lot

Reward: Unlimited

Breakeven: $103.55

This trade doubled in value and continued to push past that. If a trader would have purchased a 20 lot of these calls they would have seen profits of $1,020 at the highs on $1,100 in risk. This trade is a great example of hugely profitable weekly unusual options activity.

Andrew Keene

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