9/9 Analysis: 4 Profitable Breakout Trades

Moments after the London market opens, we have 4 currencies to watch.

On the strong side, the CHF (turquoise line) and EUR (pink line) are moving up with a steep line to the far right which indicates current momentum in the market.

On the weak side, the AUD (orange line) and NZD (purple line) are showing the same thing heading down.

So unlike when we don’t have current momentum and place a pending order above or below the current price, we can enter immediately here with a market order.


If you entered at the point where we saw the momentum on our indicator, price went up over 40 pips from there before any pull back giving you a quick and easy breakout profit.

One other thing to note, the reason why it’s so critical to analyze individual currencies is because it opens up the entire market to you.  How many amateur traders even look at the NZD/CHF pair?

When you watch the entire video analysis, I’ll show you 3 additional trades that were profitable today.

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