9/24 Analysis: How to Handle Open Trades With News Coming

3 minutes into the London session, we see this pattern emerge:

The CHF (turquoise line) is strong with huge current momentum to the upside (indicated by the steep line to the far right).

The AUD (orange line) is weak with huge current momentum to the downside (indicated by the steep line to the far right).


This is a trade I personally took today so from my entry, price pushed down 20 pips.

You may not have triggered your profit target considering the spread.  Assuming you were still in the trade when news was to be announced, my trading rules state that I close out 5 minutes before that news release no matter what.

092415 LondonTrade2

In this case, you only grab a profit of 11 pips compared to the normal 20 BUT, it keeps you from being whipsawed when the news is released and potentially taking a loss instead.

Watch the entire video analysis below:

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