10/7 Analysis: How to Read Momentum in the Market

A few minutes into the London session, the weakest currency is the EUR (pink line) which also has spiked down with a steep line to the far right which indicates major momentum is happening now in the market.

On the upside, the AUD (orange line) has been the strongest currency by far for quite some time but it doesn’t have a lot of momentum. Instead, I like the GBP (red line) because even though it just popped through to the strong side, the steep line to the far right tells us major momentum is going on now to the upside.


You can see how important timing is along with matching a strong currency (with current momentum) against a weak currency (with current momentum).

Price goes straight down 37 pips for an easy profit.

Watch the entire video analysis below to see another trade example where timing was critical to the outcome:

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