Trader thinks HLF is going to $45

Herbalife Ltd., a nutrition company, sells weight management, healthy meals and snacks, sports and fitness, energy and targeted nutritional products, and personal care products worldwide. This has been one of the biggest controversies and debated stocks in the market. it has been the Ackman vs Icahn and seen on CNBC as the two heavyweights talk about the business practices of HLF. Who is winning the fight so far/ i think the answer is unsure and I am not sure we will get an answer within the next months. However, today a trader bought 1700 HLF April 47.5 Puts for $2.49. Lets breakdown their trade. The trader has the right but not obligation to sell 170,000 shares of stock at $47.50 and is paying around $300,000 for this right. so, their breakdown in the trader doesn’t have stock would be $45.

Andrew Keene

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