Options Game Plan
+ Earnings Strategies

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You Will Learn

  • How to use credit spreads to create low-risk high-probability trades
  • How to use credit spreads on stocks and index options such as SPX or NDX
  • When & how to use Deep In-the Money Credit Spreads
  • How to steadily & consistently grow a small account into a large account using credit spreads
  • How to defend the trade & even make money when you’re wrong – 6 defenses
  • When & how to use Iron Condors & when not to Position Sizing using Credit Spreads to reduce risk
  • How to turn a 70% probability of winning trade into a 90% probability of winning

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  • Step-by-step guide for executing spreads
  • The best technical analysis techniques to use for your trade set-up
  • The best market times for spreads
  • How to trade spreads “end of day” so you don’t go bug-eyed looking at charts all day
  • And much, MUCH more!