Ultimate Trader's Toolbox

ON DEMAND with Johnny Seville

Thank you so much for your purchase.  You will not be disappointed.  We think you might also be interested in our Ultimate Trader's Toolbox Workshop ON DEMAND! In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful trader.  So don't waste another day in the dark and ADD TO YOUR CART NOW!

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What you can expect to learn in this workshop:

Introduction to Mastering Technical Trading and the Role of the Smart Money

Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis
What type of trader will you be?
We wil show you how to conquer the cycle of loss.
How does the smart money trade?
What is Algorithmic Trading?
The Three Types of Markets and Marker Cycles
The ins and outs of probability trading.
How to scan for Success Efficiently
Frequentely Asked Questions that all new traders share

The Foundations of Dow Theory and How it Applies to Technical Markets

Market Cycles: Oscillation, Consolidation, and Momentum
The Fingerprint of the Smart Money and its effect on the market
What to Algorithms really see?
Learn how to properly identify the strongest levels of buying and selling
Take home the Smart Money Checklist
Where is the Smart Money going?
Learn the Dow Theory and the foundation of trend.

The DNA and Blueprint of the Market

Learn to read Bar and Candlestick charts in exacting detail
Differentiate between expanding and contracting price ranges.
Money Flow: The key to the smart money fingerprint.
Learn several powerful techniques to avoid price fake-outs.Learn the power of divergence
Learn how accumulation and distribution is reflected in money flow
Greed and Fear are the true movers of the market - don't get caught
Use price, volume, and time to read price action to execute the most probable trades
The relationship between price action and chart patterns and how to find the hidden gems