Here Are Some Hard Truths About Trading – And Current Market Analysis

Traders, there are few things I needed to get off my chest about trading, trading analysts, trading marketers, and this industry in general. Once the 10-minute rant is over, we jump into the markets to show you some interesting dynamics that could be indicating a rate hike is coming. We look at the sector analysis, the Yen, NASDAQ, and a few others.

Todd Gordon



    As always Todd, you have taught me even more about the realities of our trading business through your “rant”. I hope you continue to provide similar commentary about this business and your opinions of it right along with your keen market analysis. It adds another dimension to market analysis that one seldom hears about from other market commentators. It is food for thought! Probably I along with most other traders who trade from home on their computers seldom hear or think about such matters as we are mostly too busy with trading our own accounts. It is a most private and solitary business that most traders like myself are engaged in and I really like to know and hear about anything like this rant that you deem worthy of passing on to us. If you think it would be worthwhile to express your views to us traders, then go ahead as we trust your knowledge and experience. Thanks for that!
    I absolutely love to see your kids grow up and someday hopefully they will become market traders and analysts too like their dad! Something to look forward to in the future!

  2. Al

    A welcome change with this video. This reminds me of chatting with my friend
    in his trading area (that I miss every day). His style is counting E.W. on the one minute chart. This is to fast for me. Can you explain (in depth) the different timeframes to trade in future videos?


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