Stock Market Playbook:
Best Techniques & Strategies
for Long-Term Success


I realize that $497 can seem like a lot to invest now. I think this course is so valuable that I want to give you the option to pay over time.

In this exclusive course, Serge will cover:

  • Stock Scanning Made Easy: Absolute and Relative Analysis
  • Recognizing the Trend to Catch the Breakout or the Reversal
  • Multiple Time-Frame Strategy

Serge’s 21 Market Studies that Unlock profits in ANY Market Environment

Proven Setups to nail market reversals and breakouts

Learn to Pinpoint major and minor market shifts BEFORE they happen

Gain perspective so YOU can pounce on the juiciest of opportunities

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$7 Options Master Strategy

Check out trading tycoon, Serge Berger, as he reveals the master of all options strategies below.

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