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First, I want to thank you for purchasing my course…this will no doubt get you up to speed trading with the knowledge you need to succeed in today’s markets.  As you’ve seen, there is a true and proven process behind the trades we take. Now, the BEST TRADER is confident because he or she has a PROCESS….a process you can repeat….and trust….in any situation.   That is why I created The Profit Pro Income System (PPIS).  This is education coupled with a veteran trader’s real-time alerts – an enormous advantage over everyday investors. My goal with The Profit Pro Income System is to give you an edge by piggybacking on the exact moves I am making every day in the market. I know you’re going to enjoy receiving alerts from The PPIS as well as my exclusive research on the most profitable opportunities every month. And since we’re targeting a 25% gain over the next year, I’m also confident the specific trade ideas in the “Profit Pro Income System” can put you on the path to creating extraordinary, long-lasting wealth for you and your loved ones.  No MORE:

  1. Over-trading
  2. Missing Major Moves
  3. Trading Choppy Markets
  4. Entering Trades too Early or too Late

So, what exactly do you get with The Profit Pro Income System…? We are targeting a 25%+ per annum profit objective… 3-5 (or more) easy-to-follow, high probability, actionable trade ideas each month… monthly update webinars…and more. Easy to understand.  Easy to follow.   Each trade Includes ….

  1. Entry Price, Stop Loss, Profit Target
  2. Trade Description (ie, reasoning behind the trade)
  3. Chart Analysis
  4. Stock or ETF Idea
  5. Option Idea

In addition, you also get direct trade alert access via email, website and our brand new smartphone APP notification!  And, to top it off…if I don’t produce at LEAST 25% return on our PPIS picks over a 1 year calendar period, I will GIVE YOU the 2nd year FREE! In just a few moments, you’ll receive your welcome materials as well your access instructions to download the APP right to your smartphone. You’ll get… – Trade Alerts – detailed emails alerting you to The Profit Pro Income System trading opportunities. When applicable, an option trade will also be included. – Monthly Special Update Webinars – Summaries and explanation of all new and open positions so you stay up-to-date. – Unlimited Members Area Access – issue archives and special reports designed to help you take your wealth to the next level. – And much, MUCH more. To accept my gift and ensure that you receive The Profit Pro Income System today… every alert… and every trade setup… simply click the “Yes! Sign Me Up” button below. Then we’ll send you an email with your Profit Pro Income System username and password – good for a full 12 months. I realize that a product like this can seem like a lot to invest now. I think this alert service IS so valuable that I want to give you the option to pay over time. You may take an advantage of a huge discount by purchasing an annual subscription at $997 TODAY, or you may opt for our “3-pay” option…. Instead of a large, upfront investment now, I am offering you the Profit Pro Income System (PPIS) for only 3 payments of $397… that’s right – 1 payment today of $397 followed by 2 more payments of $397 over the next 60 days. Of course, if you don’t want to take advantage of this offer, you can simply click “NO, I FORFEIT MY CHANCE TO GET THIS AMAZING SYSTEM” and we will just continue processing your other order. The choice is yours. Thank you again for being a loyal Steady Trader Member and I look forward to having you with us well into the future. All the Best, Serge

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