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Serge Berger’s Options Income Secrets Course

The One Strategy that Consistently Generates Profits in any Market Condition

Did you know that about three quarters (75%) of all options expire worthless? This gives option sellers a huge advantage over option buyers and allows for a steady stream of monthly and quarterly income. If options selling is done correctly then option sellers on average win even if the market is going against them! By applying this strategy investors have more than ⅔ chance of making money in any given ‘trade’: The market can go in desired direction, the market can go sideways, and the market can even go against the desired direction of the trade to a certain degree…and investors still make money. This is a 5 part video course and accompanying eBook explaining in detail the very best monthly options income-generating strategy that Serge has developed and fine-tuned over his career. You will learn:

  • Why most investors fundamentally use options the wrong way
  • How to use options for monthly income generation
  • How this strategy makes money more than ? of the time
  • How this strategy can be used as a standalone strategy or as a supplemental strategy
  • How to switch your mindset and start thinking about ‘where the market is most likely Not To Go
  • Why perfect timing is Not Necessary for this strategy
  • Diversifying the strategy among sectors, industries and asset classes
  • Rolling options trades
  • Where to take profits and how to risk-manage the strategy for monthly income and much more!

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