Rob Isbitts


Since the time his late father taught him to chart stocks at age 16, Rob Isbitts has been on a singular professional mission: use his skills and insight to grow and protect wealth.

From 1993-2020, that experience was available primarily through his high-net-worth investment management practice. He sold that successful business to focus exclusively on creating and managing investment model portfolios that could be accessed by a much wider group of investors.

Through his teachings, this 3-time mutual fund manager, 3-time Top 100 Wealth Manager (by Worth Magazine) and author of 3 books now delivers his decades of experience in investment strategy, research and portfolio management through an easy-to-understand, bottom-line approach to money management. A longtime critic of “traditional Wall Street,” Rob is not shy about telling it like it is. Because while he hasn’t seen it all (no one has), he’s seen a lot!

Rob vast experience helps investors make sense of chaotic markets, and how they have changed over the years. He has developed a trademarked system of ETF analysis and portfolio construction that lies at the core of his work.

When Rob is not analyzing markets and investments, he and his wife of 30 years (Dana) embrace the South Florida outdoor life, and try to keep track of the successes of their 3 grown children. Rob is a longtime charity board member, and recently he and Dana became local leaders in an urgent humanitarian project, welcoming and mentoring refugees from Ukraine, both personally and through the activities of The Sungarden Charitable Fund they created nearly a decade ago.

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