Market Madness Summit

Sponsor Agreement

Thank you for teaming up with TradeThirsty and Westmark Trading to help make this an incredible experience for the thousands of traders and investors that are looking for help and direction on how to trade and invest in today’s market conditions.

All presentations are one hour and will begin at the top of the hour. We suggest 35-45 minutes of educational content with a soft pitch at the end of the education so you will have ample time for Q & A.


  • Event Dates:  March 23-25
  • Promo Window:  March 11-23
  • Content Due:  February 19
  • Lead-Share Distribution: March 26-27

    EBOOK (optional) 

    As an added incentive for registering, we will be providing all registrants with a copy of an event primer in the form of an eBook. The idea is that this eBook will contain a short written or video chapter from each presenter that teases what will be covered in much greater detail during the follow-on live event. 

    For this eBook, we are looking for a short written chapter (4-6 pages of written text and images) or a 5-10 minute video that summarizes the topic and teases the reader to attend your live presentation during the webinar portion of this campaign. Whether its a written or video submission,  your chapter have 4 distinct sections: 

    • Intro: Overview of current market conditions
    • Strategy: Your favorite current trading or investment strategy
    • Examples: Show examples of how you have put this into practice
    • Conclusion: Wrap up and invite people to come join you live at the event to learn more


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