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  • RSI Power Zones Indicator Boosts Your Use of Momentum
  • Video Tutorials Teach Hima’s Simple But Effective Approach
  • Works in All Markets and on All Time Frames
  • Includes Cheat Sheets For Faster Application
  • Live Bonus Session Invitation

Are you using the RSI indicator right out of the software box? Do you find that it’s only helpful in trading ranges, and that the traditional overbought/oversold methods have you missing out on great trades? Do you wish that you could use this indicator in an even better way than it was originally intended?

Hima has studied the RSI Power Zones for over 16 years and has discovered several signals to help you trade for greater profit. The RSI Power Zones Workshop is Hima’s original educational offering on this unique momentum trading approach, and hundreds of traders (and growing!) have benefitted from this knowledge.

The RSI Power Zones Workshop allows you to take advantage of any market condition on any security in any time frame. Get Hima’s RSI Power Zones Workshop and potentially make more money with momentum!

“My FIRST month using RSI Power Zones was also my BEST trading month so far!”

Susie M.

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